Where It All Began

I haven’t always had an obsession with shoes, in fact up until a few years ago I couldn’t care less about fashion and accessories. I grew up a tom boy; I’ve mentioned a while ago that i’m pretty tall, standing at 5″11 is great now but growing up it was a night mare! There was always the constant battle with my mother who wanted to put me in dainty frocks and dresses like she had done with my older sister, but I just couldn’t fit into the clothes she wanted me in, so her fix was to put me in the standard attire for boys- shorts and t-shirt.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t some sort of like gender swapping or anything like that, I wore the only age appropriate clothes that my mum could find; it also didn’t help that i’d fall over at least twice a day and always spill my food down myself. I was a bit of a mess really. I didn’t take pride in my appearance, I fought every time shopping for clothes had to be done and would insist on trainers and over sized clothes.

That was until I was about 18. I started working in John Lewis, it was here that my attitude towards clothes and shoes changed; I lost some weight, gained confidence and started to take notice over what I wore. it also helped that I was surrounded by incredible shoes and clothes every day and could go into shops on my way to and from work. I bought my first pair of heels in the Christmas sale, beautiful Kurt Geiger heels; a fairly high silver heel and black satin material coming together in a sort of knot shape to create a cute peep toe. I’ve never actually even wore these shoes outside, they’ve played a part in my dressing up times but they;re never been tarnished with the dirty life of pavement.

And from then on i’ve never looked back; getting a boyfriend only contributed to my desire to take pride in the way I look, and in turn made me more passionate about shoes, if I was to make him look good, then I had to look good myself! My confidence grew with each new pair of shoes I bought, I love the way that shoes make you feel, you really can’t put a price on self belief and confidence.

As time has gone on, I’ve completed my degree, moved to London and finally figured out that I want to work within some aspect of Foot wear. The absolute dream would be to complete a shoe design course at Cordwainers, but unfortunately that will have to be a dream (lack of money prevents this). I know that if I had a job where I was truly passionate about what I was doing, I’d love every minute and give everything I have to the company.



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