The Transformation

So, I was recently in an interview for a shoe company and the lady interviewing me asked

‘what is it you love about shoes?’

It was actually more difficult to put into words than I first imagined. When you think about it, shoes are basically something that allows us to get from A-B and not have sore or cold feet. Mind you, that is very basically put.
For me, shoes are a way to give you confidence; when you’re wearing a truly beautiful pair of heels you walk different, you gain a whole new boost of confidence and the mind set that says ‘I can achieve absolutely anything’

Over time you can gain weight, you can lose it, your body changes so much through your life but there is a fair amount of consistency in your feet. I know that if I spend a fair amount of money on a pair of shoes, they are going to be with me for a long time; it really is an investment into your future. Any time that i feel sad, I just dig out that pair of shoes, slip them on and straight away have the troubles and issues wash away.

It really is a transformation that occurs when you have a pair of beautiful shoes. Your legs look good, you gain extra height, your posture is corrected and basically make you feel sexy. And why shouldn’t you? You look great and feel great, how can you put a price on that?

I love everything to do with shoes: court shoes, ballet flats, slipper shoes I really don’t mind what style so long as I can feel the transformation when I put them on.


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