Every Cloud Has A ‘Silver Lining’

silver lining

‘To celebrate Harrods Shoe Heaven, we invited key designers
and brands including Dior, Christian Louboutin, Prada, Jimmy Choo and Giuseppe Zanotti
to each design a limited edition shoe as part of the exclusive Silver Lining Collection.’

As I have mentioned before, Harrods Shoe Heaven is literally one of my favourite places to go; it’s incredible to be able to be up close and personal with the shoes I lust after for so many hours online.

In commemoration to this haven, the designers have each designed a particular shoe for the ‘Silver Lining’ Collection. With a total of 27 shoes in total, it’s absolutely incredible to see the different visions and creations when all the direction you’re given is- Silver Lining; there are so many different kinds of shoes given to us in this collection: heels, boots, stiletto’s and ballet flats, literally everything anyone could ever want to wear.

I would love to show you each of the shoes that were contributed but I think you need to see them all for yourself so that you have the full experience of visiting the harrods website and discovering each of them for yourself.

All that’s left for me to do is pick out my favourites and give you a little taste of what you can expect….

‘Shoe Heaven is super sexy shoes that are so comfortable, you can dance the night away.’




silver lining

‘Being a shoe designer, I get to design the shoes of my dreams! my wall of shoes in my dressing room is my own shoe heaven.’

Charlotte Olympia

silver lining

 ‘A pair of high heel shoes is the sexiest accessory a woman can wear to feel in heaven.’

Dolce Gabbana

silver lining4

(Heaven is) A place where you can sit back on a cloud and winged cherubs bring you shoes
that fit like a glove and shine like the second coming.

Nicholas Kirkwood







Shoe Heaven

shoe heaven


It’s finally happened, I went to visit Harrods Shoe Heaven and oh my days literally Heaven!!! I love Harrods on the best of days, it’s such a magical place with so many different rooms to explore you can literally spend the whole day there and still not get bored. It makes me feel like a little kid going back there where everything is possible and there is nothing that is impossible!

So, the shoe department is on the 5th floor, as you go up the escalator there are all these little displays of shoes that entice you to go and visit, they’re little the little naughty voice in your head saying ‘go on, just go up one more level, you’re almost there, keep going.’
And then you reach the 5th floor and are greeted by the most exquisite sign that welcomes you with open arms to one of the best places ever.

I was able to see some of the most exquisite shoes I have ever seen; it’s so incredible to be able to see the shoes I’ve stared at for so many hours through a screen, but then to be literally feet away from them is seriously amazing! It makes you understand that pictures can never fully do justice to a pair of shoes; you have to go an see them, have to go and see the beautiful details and not to mention the feeling that washes over you when you’re surrounded by so many pairs of incredible shoes. I think i just experienced what it;s like to be star struck, but with shoes!

Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Olympia

I may have fan-girled just a little and taken some pictures of these stunning shoes; the intricate details, the incredible material and the sheer amount of talent that is need to produce something like this is seriously amazing, there’s no other word for it!

And then I was able to come up-close-and-personal with some Sophia Webster shoes!!

Sophia Webster

Sophia Webster

Now, the quality of the picture is not very good because i couldn’t stop shaking with excitement at being in Heaven!! There is something so magnificent about being able to see the true beauty of shoes; to be able to see each of the details involved and take in the collection as a whole.

If you haven’t been already, you need to go and visit this place, it seriously is Shoe Heaven!!

Be Bold!

Be bold! A great piece of advice I was given yesterday by a complete stranger, one who turned out to be absolutely lovely might I add.

It’s always a great day when you can wake up feeling a little down about life, doubting the choices you have made and questioning whether you have it in you to achieve everything you want to. But then you end up stumbling across a new blog- http://preppyandfunny.wordpress.com/– which makes you see that you’re on the right path, you can achieve everything you want and there is no stopping you.

So, in my newly refreshed search for shoes, something that can keep up with my ‘Be Bold’ attitude, I came across these little beauties. yes, I love a classic stiletto heel, the razor sharpness and clean lines always puts me in a good mood, but I think having a heel with an element of fun is my new calling. So, who else could give us such a thing??? Miss Charlotte Olympia of course..

Charlotte Olympia, Cheeky Sandal £1,125

Charlotte Olympia, Cheeky Sandal £1,125

Now, once you’ve gotten over the initial shock of the price, yes they’re a little on the expensive side, you can begin so see the absolute beauty in these shoes! There are so many elements and details that i’m actually surprised the price isn’t a little more! You’ve got lace, patent leather (which is getting popular again) cut out detailing, gold embellishment and the the absolute cherry on top- the heel. A pair of stunning-envy-inducing pins; a gold band at the base of the heel gives the arch of the foot more detail and the larger band at the top of the heel makes it look like she’s a bit racy in a pair of stockings. Really, what’s not to like about these?!

While still on my hunt for crazy heeled shoes, I found this adorable Disney inspired pair…

REDValentino, Snow White Disney Pumps. £360

REDValentino, Snow White Disney Pumps. £360

Now, I can only apologize for the bad quality of this picture, but what you are seeing is a pair of court shoes with the heel being inspired by Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs- this is a gold Grumpy!! Not exactly a practical shoe, but definitely something to wear when you want to add a little fun element into your outfit. The neutral colour allows you to wear these with any combination outfit that you chose; dark/ light, anything and the gold heel add the touch of class and elegance they every pair of shoes should give you!