All about me.

I’m 23, born and raised in Liverpool and now trying to make it in the big city of London. I’ve never had an idea about what I want to do as a career, my dad endlessly told me never to get into a job that I wouldn’t enjoy, his own life story.

I chose a degree in English and Film; studying in the middle of West Wales, hours from civilization and the rest of the world, it was incredible to feel free! I’m not an aspiring film director, just chose a subject I really enjoyed at school, i knew that no matter what subject I decided to study, it had to be something that i would enjoy and so put more effort into.

I suppose this has translated into my attitude towards working life; the more I enjoy my job, the more passionate I will be and so more enthusiasm I will have towards it.
I’d love to end up working with a shoe company. There is no describing how much I’d love getting up and going to work everyday if I was surrounded by pretty shoes. I can’t fully explain what it is I love so much about shoes, perhaps the confidence element and the way a beautiful pair of shoes can make you feel on top of the world.

Hoping I can use this blog as a way to make use of all the hours I spend looking at pictures of shoes. I spend endless nights searching through the internet for new trends and styles that I like; I’ve been using a scrap book for a while but hoping this will be more useful in paving the way to a career in footwear.
And to be completley honest, it would be lovely to find some like minded people out there that share a passion and desire for such accessories.


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