Ted Baker

*heads up, this one hasn’t really got anything to do with shoes, sorry.*

So this week I had an interview with the one and only Ted Baker; I was so nervous and worried it was ridiculous! I always manage to work myself into a worried frenzy before an interview, no matter how many times you go through one, for me, it never gets any better.

I guess it’s because I’m worried about putting myself out there, I can talk and write for hours on here about my love and passion for anything related to clothes, shoes or fashion, but in the real world where people can judge that’s where I get worried. I think it’s because i’ve never felt feminine, like ever. My height made me the tallest girl in my class all through primary school and I wasn’t exactly a skinny thing back then, it took me until I was almost 20 to buy my first pair of heels and feeling like an actual girl isn’t something I can naturally relate to.
Weird how now that I’m almost 24 I’m almost completely obsessed with shoes, literally everything about them I love and fashion as a whole is starting to become more of an influence for me.

I have a lot to be thankful for because of Ted Baker; it was the very first designer item I bought myself, it was the one shop I used to lust after on my daily walk to work and the first company to give me a chance of starting a new career in London.
It is also the company that made me think about why exactly I want to be involved in this industry; at the interview last week the lady asked me why I should be chosen above the other candidates who have come from fashion college and have had a desire to be involved in fashion for a long time. I have no fashion degree. Right now I don’t know what my end goal is. I don’t know what I want to end up doing.

This got me thinking about what I do know. (My boyfriend is always on at me to focus on what you do know instead of what you don’t, I can kind of get too focused on the unknown sometimes)

I know that I am truly passionate about shoes
I know that I am dedicated to catching up on all the knowledge my competitors have over me
I know that starting at the bottom and working your way up is more satisfying
I know that I won’t be held back
I know that no matter what my previous ideas were, I now have a plan

I know that your past can not dictate your future. I can’t let myself be held back by the person that I used to be- the tall, chubby girl who never wore anything remotely fashionable and lived in trainers and over sized jeans and hoodies. I need to remember this, especially the next time somebody asks me about what I like; I can’t be hiding in the shadow of my past.


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