Money Makes The World Go Round

It occurs to me that every time I search for some new shoes or styles, I head straight to the high end shops that I can’t actually afford to shop in; this does make me a little sad. I’m staring for hours at the most incredible shoes that I have no chance in hell of actually being able to afford, but instead of this making me blue and down, it makes me want to stare at them for longer, it makes me want to go and spend hours walking around Harrods or Selfridges finally being able to see these beautiful things up close.

So, it made me think about how the high street stores are able to create shoes that are so similar to the high end luxury styles that it takes a close inspection to tell the difference. Perhaps this is wrong, but the first question that pops into my head is, how exactly do the shops get away with it? how are they not sued for some kind of copyright infringement or most basically stealing of designs and ideas? Surely it must be a little down heartening to be a luxury designer and find that your designs, the things that you have spend such a long time perfecting and meticulously putting together, have been copied by a high street store? But then on the flip side it means that an average joe like me kind afford something that resembles something of a luxury piece of clothing. I actually did this with the Michael Kors Hamilton bag; I spent weeks trying to convince my boyfriend to buy me the real thing, but obviously he had sense and said no. To no be defeated, I searched around the high street stores for a design that was basically the Hamilton, but ever so slightly different and a hell of a lot less expensive!

Our first point of call is to Givenchy; they have given us the most incredible slip on shoes with some stunning details but unless you give up food and having a social life, who can afford them?

Givenchy Slip On Bambi £455and Laura Chain Biker Boots £!,110

Givenchy Slip On Bambi £455 and Laura Chain Biker Boots £1,110

I need these Bambi shoes, like I can’t describe to you just how beautiful I think they are adorable! But there is no chance that I can spend that much on a pair of shoes; believe me, I wish I could. And the biker boots are so edgy they are fantastic! They are so simple in design, with the rounded toe and small heel that the large chain detail takes the main focus and turns them from a basic boot to outstanding.

And the High street version…..

H & M Sneakers. £19.99

H & M Sneakers. £19.99

It cant be just me that can see that the Givenchy shoes have been a massive influence in the design of these slip on shoes; the white barrier along the side, the black leather and bold chain detail. You’t got yourself a pair of shoes that look like a luxury product but are available on your high street at under £20.

The high heel section is given to us by the stunning Marni…

Marni Embellished Leather Sandals. £500

Marni Embellished Leather Sandals. £500

Although the summer is over, it doesn’t mean that the time for sandals is over. These heels are a stunning transition from summer shoes into autumn ones; black leather with the matching embellishment gives them an understated feel of luxury, the chunky heel is balanced with the slight platform and wide straps giving a beautiful look but also comfort (hello who doesn’t want to have comfortable heels?!) But then again we have the terrible thing of falling in love with a stunning pair of shoes and then we see the price tag and our hearts sink and we reach for the tub of ice cream.
Hold, off on the sugar over load; there is an alternative….

Topshop Legra Gem platform Sandals. £60

Topshop Legra Gem platform Sandals. £60

Yes that is right, you can buy something similar to the stunners from Marni with these little things from Topshop. There are so many similar parts to these shoes: the chunky heel, the platform, the jewel details and the chunky straps. Yes, you do have to compromise with the understated embellishment on the Topshop offering, is it not as understated as the luxe pair of shoes but because of the colour choice is it still fairly minimalist; how can you go wrong with red, black and white?!

And for those that are looking for a fabulous pair of flats

Tabith Simmons Alexa Leather Flats. £425

Tabitha Simmons Alexa Leather Flats. £425

I am fairly new to Tabitha Simmons, though I do believe that she is also new onto the fashion scene, from what I have seen so far, i’m loving everything that she is giving to the world. I’m not sure what word to give these other than chic, does that makes sense? These are something I imagine I’d wear in France, strolling through Paris stopping at little cafe’s and bakeries and then walking along the Seine. There is an almost androgynous element to these that almost begs to be worn with some sharp tailoring. And then once we have completely fallen in love with these shoes, we look at the price tag and realize that the only way we can afford these is to sell the entire contents of your wardrobe on ebay and then walk around naked, but have incredible shoes!

Miss Selfridge. Emile Flat Shoes. £22

Miss Selfridge. Emile Flat Shoes. £22

There is no combination that is more classic than black and white. For what ever reason this is a colour combination that works for any occasion and for someone that has any style. But when you can’t justify spending almost a months rent on a pair of shoes, let’s face it we all want to do it but know that we shouldn’t, you head to the high street and find these. Flat pumps, yes. Point toe, yes. Monochrome, yes. You don’t have the leather the whole way round, but the mesh sides here really add something different.

So, the final point has to be which one would you choose? Would you prefer to have the high end or high street? Tell me what you think. = )


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