These Boots Are Made For Walking

So, it has officially turned to winter and in all honesty I love it! There is something about the crunchy leaves, the chilly mornings and the early arrival of festivity!

Really, what is there not to love about being able to wear chunky knit jumpers, mixing up your daily wardrobe and layering different things and this season I am currently loving the blanket cape. But, back to the main thing, the shoes.

It can be absolutely awful piking out your outfit for the day when you have no idea if the way it starts is going to be the way the day ends, there are so many things to plan for and be prepared for; but then again, this is England, we should be pros at this now right?!

So, what is the answer? Knee high boots. You can still wear your light layers: leggings, tights or if you’re really brave go bare legs, but because of the long length you have an extra bit of warmth, for when the chilly weather becomes a little too chilly.

Gianvito Rossi, leather Knee boots. £1130

Gianvito Rossi, leather Knee boots. £1130

Oh hello there! There are outstanding, they are such a classic design that you can’t do anything but just admire the beauty and elegance. Black butter soft leather adding a classic elegance to your outfit; the pointed toes and stiletto heel can give a sharp edge to any look, Teamed with some black leggings, and a blazer, you’ve got a fantastic combination, don’t think, just buy!

KG Kurt Geiger. Warrior Knee High Boots. £230

KG Kurt Geiger. Warrior Knee High Boots. £230

And for those of you that are looking for something with a biker/ grunge feel to their new boots, we have been given the Warrior boot from one of my all time favourites, KG Kurt Geiger. The rounded toe and lower heel is perfect to be teamed with a par of jeans and check shirt, which is in my opinion a perfect look for autumn days. They are fantastic for those that want to stay on trend but still be able to feel their toes at the end of the days wearing these beauties; practical, pretty and right now perfect.

Last, but by no means least….

Alexander McQueen Cut Out Suede Knee Boots. £1350

Alexander McQueen Cut Out Suede Knee Boots. £1350

Alexander McQueen, Slouch Knee Boots. £905

  Alexander McQueen, Slouch Knee Boots. £905


I couldn’t decide which one of these that I liked the most, so I picked out both! I’ve recently discovered a new love for Alexander McQueen, especially with this collection combining the playful black bow details. These are perhaps not a style that you would wear all day, more something you’d pick out for a special occasion. I love how the suede gives an almost vamp style, they are very feminine but with an edge, if that makes sense. The boots on the left have so much detail in them, the cut out design is highlighted by the silver studs giving a luxe feel and then this is all brought together by the signature black ribbon.
Then we have the more understated boots on the right, simple yet understated. The heel is literally sky scraper heel and becomes a point of focus because of the simplicity of the design. But of course we have the beautiful bow detail at the top of the boot, this is something that can not be hidden by a long coat; you need to be pairing these with a blazer or cropped coat to show off the beautiful detail.

I need all of these in my life, every single pair, get in my life now.


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