Feeling Lucky???

Well, do ya? Punk? Don’t you just love Clint Eastwood?

Anyways, down to the point; I was searching through the new up-and-coming designers that were involved n London Fashion Week and came across this absolutely incredible person

….drum roll….

Camilla Elphick!

Have you heard of her? Or seen any of her designs? They are seriously incredible!

Camilla Elphick

Camilla Elphick Designs

So, here we have some stunning shoes; red patent heel contrasted with the vintage look of the fanned out cards is just beautiful. There is something just so delicate and dainty about these, something that demands they be worn with a little tea dress and a set of pearly whilst enjoying afternoon tea. Not only do these shoes give you the ability to make people jealous from the front, but you give them the finger when you walk away and they see the details on the back!

Camilla Elphick Designs

Camilla Elphick Designs

Wish me luck!! Then again with a pair of heel like this, I’m not going to need luck. I love the fun element in these shoes; how you have the initially classic design of the court shoes but then you notice the green shamrock pattern and you can;t help but smile. Make you own luck with these beauties!!

And now for the ultimate in Fun and Fabulous…

Camilla Elphick Designs

Camilla Elphick Designs

Yeah that’s right, these are Bugs Bunny Pez dispenser shoes!! Have you ever seen anything like it? Seriously? These are so cool. You’ve got the best of both worlds; form the front you have a perfectly normal pair of heels in a cute shade of baby pink, but then the fun element is at the heel with Bugs just peeking out the back and the Pez dispenser chunky heel.

Go and check her out, she is seriously talented!


all images taken from Camilla Elphick Instagram.


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