Be Bold!

Be bold! A great piece of advice I was given yesterday by a complete stranger, one who turned out to be absolutely lovely might I add.

It’s always a great day when you can wake up feeling a little down about life, doubting the choices you have made and questioning whether you have it in you to achieve everything you want to. But then you end up stumbling across a new blog-– which makes you see that you’re on the right path, you can achieve everything you want and there is no stopping you.

So, in my newly refreshed search for shoes, something that can keep up with my ‘Be Bold’ attitude, I came across these little beauties. yes, I love a classic stiletto heel, the razor sharpness and clean lines always puts me in a good mood, but I think having a heel with an element of fun is my new calling. So, who else could give us such a thing??? Miss Charlotte Olympia of course..

Charlotte Olympia, Cheeky Sandal £1,125

Charlotte Olympia, Cheeky Sandal £1,125

Now, once you’ve gotten over the initial shock of the price, yes they’re a little on the expensive side, you can begin so see the absolute beauty in these shoes! There are so many elements and details that i’m actually surprised the price isn’t a little more! You’ve got lace, patent leather (which is getting popular again) cut out detailing, gold embellishment and the the absolute cherry on top- the heel. A pair of stunning-envy-inducing pins; a gold band at the base of the heel gives the arch of the foot more detail and the larger band at the top of the heel makes it look like she’s a bit racy in a pair of stockings. Really, what’s not to like about these?!

While still on my hunt for crazy heeled shoes, I found this adorable Disney inspired pair…

REDValentino, Snow White Disney Pumps. £360

REDValentino, Snow White Disney Pumps. £360

Now, I can only apologize for the bad quality of this picture, but what you are seeing is a pair of court shoes with the heel being inspired by Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs- this is a gold Grumpy!! Not exactly a practical shoe, but definitely something to wear when you want to add a little fun element into your outfit. The neutral colour allows you to wear these with any combination outfit that you chose; dark/ light, anything and the gold heel add the touch of class and elegance they every pair of shoes should give you!



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