Upper Hand

The title really has nothing to do with what i’m writing about; truth be told, i’m not entirely sure what the design of these shoes are, other than pretty of course! All I can really describe is the sleek stiletto heel, the leather upper with strap details, perhaps this is the new twist on the classic t-bar??

While doing my usual round of what’s new on the shoe design front, I came across these beauties by Nicholas Kirkwood…

Ncholas kirkwood + Peter Pilotto Leatehr and Suede Pumps £790

Nicholas Kirkwood + Peter Pilotto Leather and Suede Pumps £790

Do you see what I mean? Not entirely sure how to describe these shoes, there is the leather upper that sits on the top of your foot and connected with straps of material… it’s odd. Don’t get me wrong, I think they’re fantastic, I just want a way to describe them!! These are almost armor like, with the snap fastening, perhaps making for a quick escape when you want to run to the dance floor and dance the night away?! And the colour, absolutely right on trend, looking through my instagram of the past few weeks of fashion (New York, London, Milan and now Paris) there did seem to be a rise in purple and rich red being used. Net-A-porter suggests they be teamed with a sleek black dress, I actually couldn’t agree more; I was hesitant at first thinking there would be too much of a clash between the classic black dress and the modern design of the shoes, but it actually works amazingly! The shoes stand out and become the focus of your attention because of the pops of colour.

Kurt Geiger, Miss KG, Honest £80

Kurt Geiger, Miss KG, Honest £80

And continuing with our pop of colour, we have the equally incredible Honest by Miss KG. I think it may be time to admit here that I have a serious obsessions when it comes to Kurt Geiger, then again, this isn’t anything new!
Again we have the modern take on the t-bar; the suede combined with the snake print is not a combination I would have thought would work together but they actually compliment each other amazingly! The pop of neon orange brings everything together in a way that I never would have imagined; it’s almost like every combination you thought wouldn’t fit together, KG has thought no chance, we’ll make it work!! They’re classy, elegant and even better they’re currently teamed up with Benefit to give you incredible eyes as well as incredible foot wear!

Rupert Sanderson, Wilson Feather Sandal, £675

Rupert Sanderson, Wilson Feather Sandal, £675

And last, but by no means least, we have this beautiful contribution by Rupert Sanderson. My knowledge of him is pretty basic, well that’s a lie, other than these shoes I can’t say I recognize the name what so ever, but if these are anything to go by I love him! There is something a little vampy about these sandals, the patent leather combined with the pyramid textured upper is amazing! The stiletto heel will make your legs look super long and super sexy, the feathers add a touch of boudoir elegance and the flash of gold inside the heel is truly elegant. Perhaps it’s just me, but i can see these fitting in well with a 1920s style; high class, alluring elegance and the vamp style that every woman has inside just waiting to be unleashed!


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