My mother always tried to put a bow in my hair to make me look dainty and feminine; I was a tomboy until I was 18, so needless to say it didn’t work! But my mum did have a point, bows really are a feminine touch; they’re dainty and remind you of just how beautiful and delicate you really can be.

I think after the almost masculine chunky platform shoes that have been about this summer, i’m sorry but i really don’t like them, big chunky sandals with jagged edges, they don’t say classy and elegant to me. I think there is almost now a complete reversal on this and footwear has taken on a much more feminine and delicate direction.

Kurt Geiger , Miss KG, Gabriella, £85

Kurt Geiger , Miss KG, Gabriella, £85

These are my absolute need-to-have-in-my-life-right-this-second shoes; they are absolutely stunning! From the this stiletto, 105mm, not too high, the sweeping back section and bow detail at the front combined with the red accents, truly incredible! Kurt Geiger has decided that ‘Red is the New Black’ and with these shoes, it’s very difficult to argue against it. The colours work perfectly together; you’ll get just a hint of the red around the peep toe section adding a bit of a modern twist to a classic shoe.

Paul Andrew Fume Bow Slippers, £425

Paul Andrew Fume Bow Slippers, £425

And continuing with our love of all fabulous flats, we have this crackin’ pair of velvet slippers from Paul Andrew. It’s not secret that I love a good pair of slippers (they remind me of the Queen) especially if they are velvet, there’s just something so regal and royal about the shape but with the added touch of the bow, the’re just outstanding! Teamed with sharp tailoring, and as the picture here suggests, roll up those trousers so you have have some exposed ankle, it’s kind of sexy, and also makes your shoes the centre of attention. There’s a gap between the hem of your trousers and your shoes so they don;t all blend into one and someone could miss the opportunity of giving you a compliment!!

Alexander McQueen, Velvet Bow Sandal, £660

Alexander McQueen, Velvet Bow Sandal, £660

And last, but certainly by no means least, we have this simple yet highly effective sandal from Alexander Mcqueen. A sky scraper stiletto heel, patent leather and velvet bow gives you almost a vamp style of shoe; there really isn’t much to this sandal, and ankle strap, bow and thin material over your toes but crickey are they stunning! It’s almost a clash between the harsh patent leather and the soft relaxed style of the bow. And what you can’t quite see here is the crystal element to the shoes; where the velvet tie attaches to the ankle strap we have a rather large circle detail of crystals, hello bling!!

Embrace your feminine side with a pair of bow-tastic shoes, you know you want to!


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