I love Converse-ation

These are what my dad calls baseball shoes; he had a pair of them when he was my age, can’t believe he was actually on trend with something!

Converse Chuck Taylor, £50

Converse Chuck Taylor, £50

Just the sight of these iconic shoes brings up images of lazy summer days, adventures with back packs and great memories. I can’t tell you exactly what it is that makes these shoes so, I don’t even know that right word to describe it, special maybe? Does that even make sense?

They were first introduced to the world in 1917 and have just continued to grow in popularity as the years go by. I don’t think there’s a style that these shoes actually won’t work well with; skinny jeans, shorts anything works!! Like so many summer styles, you are given the luxury of style and comfort.
There may perhaps be a limit as to the occasions where you can wear these though; I would say these are strictly off duty only, not suitable for the office, sorry!!

But with so many styles and colour options available, the biggest decision you’ll make is what colour first?!

Converse All Star Hi £51.99

Converse All Star Hi £51.99

Converse All Star Low £44.99

Converse All Star Low £44.99

Converse Dance lace £42.99

Converse Dance lace £42.99

How awesome are these please? I just looked on the office.com website for these three; they are just a tiny selection of the variety available. I love how you can get a pair like the leopard ones that are completely crazy and wild and then the little polka dot ones that are incredibly cute and dainty!

I love converse, there is no reason why every body can’t own a pair of these, they are perfect for the off duty times and should be a wardrobe staple!


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