Skate Style

Slip on Skate shoes; previously seen on the younger male generation that have baggy clothes, wear their trousers too low and always carry around a skate board. Hence the name. Think Travis from Clueless. But believe it or not, they have undergone a complete style transformation and are now the go-to-shoe for the off duty look.

Perfect for this season, the slip on shoe really does seem to be making a popular come-back this summer time, they provide you with a casual look while also giving you the comfort and style that everyone is trying to achieve.

Givenchy Skate shoes  £455

Givenchy Skate shoes


Givenchy Skate Shoes £455

Givenchy Skate Shoes £455

Yes, you are seeing correctly; these are skate shoes that have Bambi on them. The simple design of the skate shoe is given to us in leather, what’s not to like there, and having Bambi on the front gives them a feminine touch. I think these would be perfect with some black skinny jeans or leggings; you’ll be able to achieve a a biker look but show off your softer side too.

And for those that are looking for more of a statement

Carvela, Laurel Skate Shoes.  £99

Carvela, Laurel Skate Shoes.

Hello animal print!! Confession time here, I don’t actually own any shoes that are animal print, but I would seriously consider buying these. I can’t tell you exactly what it is that i like about these, but I think they’re ah-mazing!! Teamed with a pair of dark jeans or even a dress I think they would look great for an off duty casual look.

Saint Laurent classic Skate Shoes £315

Saint Laurent classic Skate Shoes £315

And now something that is right on trend; the metallic slip on.  The silver glitter material will catch the light and make you the envy of everybody.These shoes enable you to have a casual look with that added touch of glamour; I think these would turn out to be the casual shoe that you turn to for so many occasions.

Really, who could resist any of these? I know I can’t.


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