Cut-Out Crazy

Cut- out detailing, it’s a way to turn your every day heels into something that’s a little bit more exciting and different; everybody knows the classic peep toe, but what about side cut outs? We’ve seen this before in winter ’13 with biker boots being given a new style but I’m living that the trend has continued but with summer shoes.

Summer sandals are beautiful and dainty, think thin straps and delicate tiny buckles that are a nightmare to use but look incredible! But what do you do when your style is just that one level more vibrant than barely there sandals and you really want to have your shoes as the main focus of your outfit??

You turn to Miss Sophia Webster, that’s what…

Sophia Webster Riko £525

Sophia Webster Riko £525

How amazing are these?!! My knowledge of Sophia Webster is pretty much non existent and I so wish I’d discovered this creative genius years ago! Just looking through a few of her designs they are full of colour, excitement and innovative designs! Looking at these Riko shoes, I’m immediately transported to a street party in Rio, I’m wearing a big floaty dress and pretending I can do the tango. The amount of detail here is incredible; the variety of colours, the criss-cross design across the front and the beautiful beaded bow at the back is just fantastic! The more you look at them, the more you discover a different aspect or element of detail that you missed the first time.

I did find another pair of cut out sandals by another designer, but when I looked at the materials used to make them, I saw it was snake skin and camel leather. I’m not an avid animal rights activist, but I don’t think I could promote such a shoe.



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