Everybody knows the person, but do many of you know about the organisation? It was completely new to me up until a few days ago when it was International Flip Flop Day (20th June 2014) in case you weren’t too sure. The name was on Twitter and, of course, I had a look at them and was totally impressed.

As you may have guessed, they are basically all about flip flops, who doesn’t like to wear them in the summer. But, have you ever thought about what the companies do when you buy your new summer footwear? The company was set up by two brothers, Rob and Paul, and was created in order to bring about a positive change in the world after the tragic loss of their parents, Kevin and Sandra, in the boxing day Tsunami disaster.

10% of all Gandys profits go directly into the Gandys Foundation whose sole purpose is to support children in need of basic essentials such as shelter, nutrition, medication and education. We call this the “Orphans for Orphans” mission. There is a beautiful yet devastating story on the Gandys website that explains what happened to the family and how their mission began. I’m not going to paraphrase or give you a brief over view because it needs to be seen as a whole, I would simply say go to the website and see properly what these two have experienced.

The “Orphans for Orphans” mission has already started to make an impact by funding children’s homes in India & Sri Lanka and the vision is to open them all around the world. The opening of the first children’s home will be built in memory of Rob and Paul’s parents, Kevin and Sandra Forkan, and will mark the 10th anniversary of the tsunami.

It is amazing how something so tragic as losing your parents has been completely transformed into something which is benefiting so many other people.

Studs - Gold SquarePrintz - Army GreenLiberty - Lord Paisley

Here is a small sample of the Men’s selection of Gandys. There really is something for anybody; whether you prefer to keep your footwear plain and simple, add a bit of print or go all out and have something really jazzy. These three here range from £20-£30 which considering you’re helping provide essentials for the less fortunate is a very small price to pay, in my opinion.

And for the ladies…

Printz - Leopard WhiteSerge 4 Gandys - BandanaGlitters - Hot Tamales

Who could resist releasing your inner wild animal with a bit of leopard, monochrome print or some glitter. They are beautifully designed, a summer staple and, honestly, can you ever have too many pairs of flip flops?

I’m so happy that I stumbled across these, it is such a good cause and you get to look good too; I’m in!!

(all images and company information has been taken from

Designed in London. Inspired by travel. Fueled by giving back.


Kurt Geiger

The very first place I go to when I need a new pair of shoes; I can’t even begin to explain my absolute love for this brand.

At the ripe old age of 18, I bought myself my very first pair of proper high heels. It was a case of love at first sight, they were a thing of beauty, and I knew that I had to make them mine. They were Carvela ‘Duchess.’ Yes, I still remember the specific name of them; it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

An example of the Duchess shoes by Carvela

An example of the Duchess shoes by Carvela

My ‘Duchess’ shoes are beautiful: satin bow, peep toe front and silver mirror effect stiletto heel. I loved the fact that the satin was so soft and inviting, the silver heel was a contrast that enhanced the beauty of the shoe and what surprised me the most was that an extra heel was provided. (I mean the little black bit on the base of the stiletto) That is such an amazing extra touch that it let me know straight away the attention to detail that went into this one pair of shoes.
I described these shoes to my mum as ‘the ones I’m going to wear when the Queen comes to tea’ They are such a creation of beauty that I have to admit I have never actually worn them, I’m too afraid that they will get dirty and ruined.

Before these shoes I was a tom-boy, I lived in trainers and oversized clothes. But being introduced to Kurt Geiger and the brand, I have changed my entire life. Yes, it may sound ridiculous to say that a pair of shoes transformed me but it’s actually true. I started to take pride in my appearance, I had more confidence when I wore a pair of heels and I started to believe in myself. Since then I have spent hours looking at shoes; looking on line, buying magazines, and most of all going to the shops and being able to see the shoes for myself.

The brand was launched in 1963 when the first store was opened on Bond Street in London. Perhaps seen as the Fashion Capitol of the World, it paved the way to the beginning of a internationally successful company which now has 70 stores and 172 concessions in UK and Europe.
Comprising of three unique names and styles, each bring something exciting and different to give a rounded brand that allows everybody to discover what they are searching for.

Carvela are designing fantasy footwear and every day must-haves. They were acquired by Kurt Geiger in 1978. Kg Kurt Geiger is creating grunge cool pieces that resemble a model off duty look, this was launched in 1997. And last, but not least, Kurt Geiger London boasting Italian craftsmanship, using only the best cutting edge materials and producing the best razor sharp stilettos.

When looking for a pair of shoes for my graduation, of the the most nerve wrecking days I’ve had, I immediately turned to KG was found the shoes that got me through the day…

KG January shoes

KG January shoes

Once again I remember the exact name of the shoes, but then again I don’t think I could forget the things that got me through the day. I was confident, I walked with pride and most of all I felt incredible about myself.
That’s exactly what I love about shoes, and as an extension KG, I love the way they make me feel about myself and give me that extra lift when I’m feeling particularly low.




With the success of the sliders this season, perhaps it’s not so difficult to see that the Mule has also gained some popularity.

I’m not an immediate fan of these, I must admit, because they are the slipper of choice for my Granddad; black, leather and can only be from Marks and Spencer, no exceptions.Also, my knowledge of this shoe is so limited that perhaps I immediately looked away from what I knew nothing about, until now. I thank W Magazine, for educating me in the history of the Mule.

A combination of two styles of shoe: the pump with a high heel, grace and open or peep toe front. And the slipper with its open back.
Manolo Blahnikk believes such a shoe is very sexy because the wearer has to adjust their walk; it does look like it would be incredibly easy to trip in some styles. Which is perhaps why the wearers through out history, specifically those of a very high social status (Egyptian Queens and Roman Emperor’s) found alternative modes of transport, those which didn’t actually involve walking.

Now I feel properly educated in this new trend, I feel a little more confident in searching through new styles and approach with less caution.

My first discovery…

Oscar de la Renta, Spanish Mules. £400

Oscar de la Renta, Spanish Mules. £400

Although not entirely like the traditional idea of the Mule, I’m actually really liking these, and glad that they were the first pair that I saw when looking to find the latest styles. Dainty, delicate and intricately designed, these are beautiful, and I want them. I love the fact that they have some sort of exotic feel, perhaps it is just me that feels it, but with the shape of the detailing, I could easily see myself wearing these in Dubai or like the name suggests, Spain. Perfect for an evening look where you want to maintain style and elegance, these would be my go to shoe.


Gianvito Rossi Black Leather Mule Sandals £445

Gianvito Rossi Black Leather Mule Sandals £445

Sticking more closely to the traditional image of the mule sandals, this pair by Gianvito Rossi, look like they have the sex appeal of court shoes whilst adding more of a biker edge. The black leather gives comfort and the simple colour means they can be worn with any outfit for any occasion. I would perhaps take a leaf from the wearers through history and maybe keep walking to a minimum, just to avoid any embarrassing accidents.

Gianvito Rossi, Virtua Plexi Mules. £495

Gianvito Rossi, Virtua Plexi Mules. £495

It seems that Rossi has been experimenting with the Mule this season because they have also given us the Vitrua Plexi Mule. I think these are a little more edgy maybe; the black pointed toe makes them a classic design and shape but the see through strap makes them that little bit different. I can’t quite decide if these shoes are more court shoes than Mule, but either way they are a thing of beauty.

Metallic Madness

As previously explained, I’m a magpie; I love anything that’s bright and beautiful. I’m not quite sure what the appeal is, but there does appear to be quite a big draw towards a stunning pair of shimmering shoes, especially with a beautiful summer tan.

Jimmy Choo, Metallic Sandals. £495

Jimmy Choo, Metallic Sandals. £495

Who could resist these? Designed by the highly successful Jimmy Choo, these beautiful sandals are a masterpiece. The thin, barely there straps, remind me of the tie up sandals that are starting to creep their way into the styles and the texture of these shoes is incredible. I initially thought it was some sort of snake skin print, but when looking closer it’s actually the material, specifically called, textured lamé. I think this gives the shoes the impression that they are actually sparkling; meaning your beautiful shoes will catch even the smallest amount of light. Stunning!!

For those looking for a less dramatic metallic style, Saint Laurent have given us….

Saint Laurent Trainers, £340

Saint Laurent Trainers, £340

The metallic trainers. Combining the bold statement of metallic silver with the more casual trainers, there are perfect for either dressing up or down an outfit. Made from luxurious leather, these shoes can elevate even the simplest of outfits. Natalie Hartley from Glamour Magazine explains that ‘metallic trainers give your summer wardrobe a lift for summer.’ And I couldn’t agree more! Like Net-a-Porter suggests, these would work amazingly with tailored shorts and a blazer.

And finally…

Metallic Double Strap Slides, Office £30.00

Metallic Double Strap Slides, Office £30.00

who could resist these gold double strap slides, and at such a bargain price too. I think everybody has now experienced the comfort of slides this summer, or perhaps you were ahead of the curve and already owned a pair of foot bed sandals, but now you can combine the comfort and style in a new way. Metallic slides. Yes. The double strap provides extra support, less of that whole ‘flip flop’ and the colour is fantastic. A white dress combined with these gold sandals will make your summer glow even brighter.


Dazzle me

I’m like a bit of a magpie, I love anything that’s shiny and sparkles. I’m not talking like Rhine stones and glitter on everything, but when I see a pair of shoes that has a bit of a twinkle to them, I will always stop and have an extra look.

When it comes to adding jewels onto anything, I think there is a fine line between classy and tacky; one of which is so easy to cross. Sandals are great for a day look; they allow you to have comfort and style (one of my many favourite things) but with the right pattern or adornment of jewels, they can easily be taken through to an evening look as well.

So, can you imagine my delight when I was trawling through the usual websites and came across these absolute beauties…

Rene Caovilla Swarovski Embellished Sandals. £518 (sale price)

Rene Caovilla Swarovski Embellished Sandals. £518 (sale price)

These are absolutely amazing; the intricate design of the jewels is magnificent and they conjure up images of Arabian Princesses and Moroccan Suk’s. Brought to you by the brilliant Rene Caovilla, a name which is entirely new to me and wish I had known of such brilliance years ago! Words can not describe how much I love these, there is no doubt that such a thing of beauty is on the side of classy. I would say they would work best teamed with a navy or black shift dress in order to let their beauty truly shine.

Carvela Kurt Geiger, Bonnie, Sandals. £55 (sale price)

Carvela Kurt Geiger, Bonnie, Sandals. £55 (sale price)

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I look at these sandals by Carvela, they immediately make me think about Sleeping Beauty. The large jewels on the front with the gold embellishment, makes me think about the whole ‘Mirror Mirror on the wall.’ Kurt Geiger is one of my favourite brands; they always seem to have their finger on the pulse of changing trends and, most importantly, were the very first pair of grown up shoes I ever bought. (I am very loyal to my favourite brands) I think these sandals have hit the nail on the head for two big trends this season: the metallic and the sequin adorned. These would be perfect with any summer time outfit, day or night time. For me, I think they’d be great with a play suit in the day time.

Dune Black. Lambert Sandals, £72.00 (sale price)

Dune Black. Lambert Sandals, £72.00 (sale price)

Simple, stylish and comfortable. Usually, it’s something that my mother says when she wants to wear something that’s so out of date and hideous but she still can’t throw away. But here, I think it’s the best description. No, I don’t mean that they are incredibly out of date, but that they are to the point, on trend and amazingly simple.
Footbed sandals are a big trend this season (think Birkenstock styles) because of the new wave of slide sandals. So, combine that style with elements of an espadrille and even sprinkle on the jewels and you’ve got a pair of sandals are combine 3 different trends in one. They aren’t over the top, they aren’t tacky, they are simple, understated and perfect for any summer wardrobe.

Michael Kors- take 2

After failing miserably at my attempt to educate myself on my favourite designer, and basically just going on a rant about how much I love the Hamilton and Selma bags, it’s now time to actually learn about Mr Kors.

All information has been gained through and their voguepedia section.

‘Something sharp, authoritative, yet different’ Vogue 1987

Born Karl Anderson Jr, in Long Island 1959, decided to change his name when his mother re-married. When being told that he would be getting a new last name, they suggestion was made to pick a new first name too, the favourites of his mother being Michael and David, he picked the former as his first name and the latter for his middle.

He originally started his career as an actor, but by they time he was six, it was pretty much decided that he would work in the world of fashion. There would have been some influence from his mother who was a model from Revlon, and also it being the swinging sixties! Attending F.I.T, he became immersed in the world of fashion and even ‘lay on the floor to fit into a pair of French jeans’ (I love how designers even do that too)

Shoes were introduced into the Kors repertoire in 1989; after having a very successful career with clothes being featured in Vogue magazine a number of times a collaborating with a number of designers, Kors has made a big step in marking out his career in fashion design.

When recession hits the world and the world asks: ‘is fashion out of touch?’ Kors replies with something which, in my opinion, sums up the entire world of fashion…
“I actually think that women are interested in fashion, but only if it works. They’re looking for a new answer to an old question.”
Fashion is all about re-design; taking an old idea and completely flipping it around and giving you something brand new. I think Kors has explained that brilliantly here.

Michael kors is an internationally renown designer, he has donated huge amounts back to F.I.T and raised awareness for charity. He not only has designed some of my favourite things but has shown that he still cares about the planet and the people on it.

Tie me up

Tie up sandals; they kind of remind me of gladiator sandals but with a slight vamp style. Thin sexy straps that snake their way up elongated legs, which of course will be on show (you can’t wear a pair of tie up sandals with anything that covers your legs or feet) these are definitely for the days when you want your shoes to do the talking.

I can’t say that I’m going to rush out an buy a pair of these, yes they will send your confidence through the roof and they will take you you through spring to autumn (cropped trousers could still give you the wow factor) but like with tall boot-style gladiator sandals, I just don’t know if I’m brave enough. I’d love to be able to buy these and look as sexy and elegant as the models do wearing them, but there is no chance I’d do them half a much justice as they deserve. For example….

Metallic Tie-Up Sandals. Giavinto Rossi £705

Metallic Tie-Up Sandals. Gianvito Rossi £705

Combining two trends of the summer- metallic colours and the barely there sandal. Gianvito Rossi has given us a creation which I think should be handled with care. There is no doubting that these beauties will make you feel incredible; the thin stiletto heel really compliments the intricate cross-over of the leather straps. I’m not so sure they would look the same with a chunky heel. Easy access is granted through a zip along the back ( can you imagine having to lace these up every time you wore them? There is no way I’d get them to look as amazing more than once)

And then we have the offering by Mr Louboutin…

Christian Louboutin Black Leather Sandals. £665

Christian Louboutin Black Leather Sandals. £665

So much time and attention to detail has gone into these shoes. But, once again, would you expect anything less from such a creator. Louboutin has given us the Aqueduchess sandals. These, for me, are definitely the shoes to wear when you want to channel your inner vamp. The heel is slender, the intricate cut out detail is incredible and there is always the classic red sole which will never be out of style.

But, like the gladiator sandals, I’m not too sure how your feet would cope if the sun was shining and you were wearing a pair of these beauties. Then again, I don’t think there are the kind of shoes you chose to wear all day adventuring around; these are more suited for a cocktail date or and occasion where you get out of the car or taxi outside your destination, and then only walk again when your getting back into your vehicle for the journey home. These are not the shoes you want to walk too long in; I could imagine a bit of heat plus feet swelling could result in some rather embarrassing marks.

High heel shoes like these deserve high hemlines! I think if I was going to buy a pair, I may need a fair amount of Dutch courage first, then again I’d love to unleash my inner vamp, especially in those Louboutin’s!!



Michael Kors

I haven’t posted many designs by Mr. Kors in any recent posts but I wanted to do a little research for myself into my FAVOURITE designer right now. Admittedly, I’m in love with his bags, but I just couldn’t pass on the opportunity to share with you some of my passion and enthusiasm when it comes to Michael Kors.

I first began my obsession, yes I would call it an obsession at this point, I can’t walk past a shop without walking around and just taking in the magnificent surroundings (please don’t judge me too harshly), with the Hamilton Bag.

Michael Kors Hamilton Bag, £310.00

Michael Kors Hamilton Bag, £310.00

My amazing boyfriend bought this for me for valentines day 2013, literally the best day of my life!! I love the structure of the shape, the clean lines and the detailing of the lock is just beautiful. The chain strap, for me is just there to add an extra detail, the bag begins to lose it’s shape if you use it over your shoulder and just doesn’t look the same.

More recently I have fallen head over heels for the Selma bag….

Michael Kors Saffiano Leather Selma. £315.00

Michael Kors Saffiano Leather Selma. £315.00

Structure, clean lines, style and elegance. I could honestly ramble on for such a long time about how beautiful I think this bag is. Saffiano leather is a relatively new thing to me, it seems many things are new to me, but it has managed to stop one of the age old problems- having leather exposed to the rain. A beautiful leather bag should, no needs, to be shared with the world; you need to feel that extra confidence when you have something beautiful hanging off your arm. But such beauty soon fades when faced with the English weather, there is nothing more upsetting than seeing a leather bag that has been damaged by the rain. But saffiano leather is more durable and can remain the thing of absolute beauty, even if you do live in England.

This seems to have ended up in my simply sharing my love for the two bags I love the most about Michael Kors. I will, at some point in the very near future, actually do some research into the man behind my two favourite bags in the world.

Fabulous Flats

Flat shoes, they are pretty much my best friend. I love heels, don’t get me wrong but at 5 foot 11 they are pretty much the only option I get for the majority of occasions. It’s always a great day when the Fashion God’s declare that flat shoes are once again the go-to-shoe.

But now that we’ve been given the pass to pain-free foot wear, where do you start? The ballerina? The espadrille? The elegant slipper style? Or the pointed little number? And then once you’ve actually managed to pick out what style you’re most happy with, you’ve then got the un-enviable decision of what colour, material and pattern to pick. Of-course the outfit of choice will play a rather large part in the colour and pattern, but for those days when you want to let the shoes do the talking it can be a real nightmare.

My personal favourite, it’s got the be the slipper style. I’m a big fan of anything that makes me feel like the Queen; I don’t know what it is about these shoes but I immediately feel a little bit Regal when I’m wearing a pair of these.

Navy and Gold detail shoes. Pull and Bear £15.99 (sale price)

Navy and Gold detail shoes. Pull and Bear £15.99 (sale price)

I spotted these on a recent shopping trip and strait away thought they were amazing. Navy shoes add a small pop of colour and the gold anchor detailing, for me, makes them a little bit more classy than anything that is just plain and simple. I think these would be perfect with a pair of light jeans and a beautiful crisp shirt; a weekend city break or after work drinks would allow you elegance, style and comfort. Perfect!

And then there are the ever fabulous pointed flats; they give you more of a sophisticated look to your outfit because they resemble more of a court shoe.

Striped Flat Shoes with pointed two. L K Bennett £110.00 (sale price)

Striped Flat Shoes with pointed two. L K Bennett £110.00 (sale price)

What is not to like about these shoes? They are elegant, stylish and they’ve got a fun print too! I think the website was absolutely spot on when they said ‘A pointed toe and squared-off vamp make for the freshest silhouette and the perfect complement to slim-cut trousers and jeans.’ (taken directly from
It’s always difficult to look graceful in a pair of flat shoes, they don’t give you that air of grace and help your posture like heels do. But I think something like this allows you to feel elegant and stylish whilst also saving yourself the inevitable pain you’d feel if you wore heels all day.

And then we have the espadrille; I think these shoes have had a recent jump in popularity thanks to Toms being in such style.

Nautical inspired espadrilles by Christian Louboutin £307.60

Nautical inspired espadrilles by Christian Louboutin £307.60

I don’t know about you, but I always imagine Spanish scenery and Senoritas when I think of espadrilles. The traditional white canvas and the almost woven raffia style border on the sole makes them an immediate holiday staple. However I love that Louboutin has taken the traditional idea of the espadrille and combined it with another spring/summer staple- nautical. Navy stripes and the gold embroidery is beautiful, then again you know that with any creation by Louboutin, of course it will be beautiful.

I’m spoiled for choice in my search for a pair of flat shoes this season, I’d love to buy one pair for each new day but unfortunately my bank balance wont allow such things. So, I think I may take advantage of the current sales and buy myself a pair of the navy anchor Pull and Bear shoes.
I think they’re amazing!!!

Run to you

Running shoes, nowadays they’re not just for the quick jog around the park. Have you noticed, they seem to be everywhere and everyone is wearing them? And it doesn’t look like they’re on their way out of style either, because really who would pass up on the opportunity to have comfort and style in one piece?

So, thinking about it, sports luxe has been on the radar since the 2012 and the Olympics were held in London. Exercise and fitness were given a whole new lease of life, and it seems that we were too. People dug out their old trainers from the back of their wardrobe, the ones that they haven’t even looked at since high school, and began to look at exercise in a new and exciting way which has lead trainers to be re-invented in a similar way too.

Nike, Roshe Run, Santa Monica Blue Sky Print. £69.99

Nike, Roshe Run, Santa Monica Blue Sky Print. £69.99

Yes, these are running shoes. How amazing do they look? It’s like Nike have reaslised that running shoes are more than just a tool for assisting in your exercise; they are now an extension of your personality and can brighten up those moments where you just don’t have the motivation to get up at 6 am for that run before work,

Nike Air Pegasus +30 £85

Nike Air Pegasus +30 £85

After the dull, miserable and, let’s face is down right awful, winter weather we have, how can you resist a neon bright running shoe. It’s like with the coming spring the colour pallets just liven up and everything is awakened with a zing! Florescent colours always seem to make an appearance at some stage in the fashion calender, usually with festival items, but I’m loving how jazzy these running shoes are. I would happily get up on a cold morning at 6 am to wear these bad boys.

Nike Running Shoes. Taken from the Nike collection £84.99, £69.99, £71.99

Nike Running Shoes. Taken from the Nike collection £84.99, £69.99, £71.99