Every Cloud Has A ‘Silver Lining’

silver lining

‘To celebrate Harrods Shoe Heaven, we invited key designers
and brands including Dior, Christian Louboutin, Prada, Jimmy Choo and Giuseppe Zanotti
to each design a limited edition shoe as part of the exclusive Silver Lining Collection.’

As I have mentioned before, Harrods Shoe Heaven is literally one of my favourite places to go; it’s incredible to be able to be up close and personal with the shoes I lust after for so many hours online.

In commemoration to this haven, the designers have each designed a particular shoe for the ‘Silver Lining’ Collection. With a total of 27 shoes in total, it’s absolutely incredible to see the different visions and creations when all the direction you’re given is- Silver Lining; there are so many different kinds of shoes given to us in this collection: heels, boots, stiletto’s and ballet flats, literally everything anyone could ever want to wear.

I would love to show you each of the shoes that were contributed but I think you need to see them all for yourself so that you have the full experience of visiting the harrods website and discovering each of them for yourself.

All that’s left for me to do is pick out my favourites and give you a little taste of what you can expect….

‘Shoe Heaven is super sexy shoes that are so comfortable, you can dance the night away.’




silver lining

‘Being a shoe designer, I get to design the shoes of my dreams! my wall of shoes in my dressing room is my own shoe heaven.’

Charlotte Olympia

silver lining

 ‘A pair of high heel shoes is the sexiest accessory a woman can wear to feel in heaven.’

Dolce Gabbana

silver lining4

(Heaven is) A place where you can sit back on a cloud and winged cherubs bring you shoes
that fit like a glove and shine like the second coming.

Nicholas Kirkwood







Ted Baker

*heads up, this one hasn’t really got anything to do with shoes, sorry.*

So this week I had an interview with the one and only Ted Baker; I was so nervous and worried it was ridiculous! I always manage to work myself into a worried frenzy before an interview, no matter how many times you go through one, for me, it never gets any better.

I guess it’s because I’m worried about putting myself out there, I can talk and write for hours on here about my love and passion for anything related to clothes, shoes or fashion, but in the real world where people can judge that’s where I get worried. I think it’s because i’ve never felt feminine, like ever. My height made me the tallest girl in my class all through primary school and I wasn’t exactly a skinny thing back then, it took me until I was almost 20 to buy my first pair of heels and feeling like an actual girl isn’t something I can naturally relate to.
Weird how now that I’m almost 24 I’m almost completely obsessed with shoes, literally everything about them I love and fashion as a whole is starting to become more of an influence for me.

I have a lot to be thankful for because of Ted Baker; it was the very first designer item I bought myself, it was the one shop I used to lust after on my daily walk to work and the first company to give me a chance of starting a new career in London.
It is also the company that made me think about why exactly I want to be involved in this industry; at the interview last week the lady asked me why I should be chosen above the other candidates who have come from fashion college and have had a desire to be involved in fashion for a long time. I have no fashion degree. Right now I don’t know what my end goal is. I don’t know what I want to end up doing.

This got me thinking about what I do know. (My boyfriend is always on at me to focus on what you do know instead of what you don’t, I can kind of get too focused on the unknown sometimes)

I know that I am truly passionate about shoes
I know that I am dedicated to catching up on all the knowledge my competitors have over me
I know that starting at the bottom and working your way up is more satisfying
I know that I won’t be held back
I know that no matter what my previous ideas were, I now have a plan

I know that your past can not dictate your future. I can’t let myself be held back by the person that I used to be- the tall, chubby girl who never wore anything remotely fashionable and lived in trainers and over sized jeans and hoodies. I need to remember this, especially the next time somebody asks me about what I like; I can’t be hiding in the shadow of my past.

The Sunshine Will Blow My Mind

Perhaps a little bit of an obscure title; this post really has nothing to do with sunshine. The title is actually a lyric from the song ‘She’s in Fashion’ by the British group Suede.

Ta Dah. Yes, this is all about Suede!

Now I don’t know about you. but I seem to notice suede becoming more and more popular in the autumn months; this really confuses me! Surely such a delicate material needs to be worn at a time when the weather is not to crazy and confused! I would be absolutely gutted to buy a really nice pair of suede boots or shoes, wear them for the day and for them to get rained on and basically destroyed!

So my question to you is-
When is the best time to wear suede?
Is there a season when it’s more popular than another?
Would you risk your new shoesies to look fabulous?

But instead of confusing myself about when is the best time to wear these little beauties; I think i’ll stick to picking out my favourites and then just stare at them so they don’t get dirty.

Seven Boot Lane. Suede Alice Boots. £150

Seven Boot Lane. Suede Alice Boots. £150

So, I had never actually heard of Seven Boot Lane until Pippa Middleton wore a pair really similar to these but in black; this put the brand on the map as a place to go for absolutely stunning suede boots. Really, what is there not to like about these? The design really is very simple: a low yet chunky heel, a delicate rounded almond toe and a new feature of the inside zip. The colour is quite perfect for the changing seasons, not bright and in your face for summer but on the flip side not drab and dreary like most winter items turn out; it’s the perfect combination. Teamed with skinny jeans or even, as the website itself suggests, boyfriend jeans, for a stylish off duty look.

‘A good example of how simple designs are always the best’ Seven Boot Lane

Isabel Marant, bekett Suede Concealed Wedge Trainers. £385

Isabel Marant, Bekett Suede Concealed Wedge Trainers. £385

Sports Luxe was a bit trend this summer and what is the most iconic footwear of the sports trend, the trainer obviously! But it’s not very easy to look stylish and feminine in a pair of trainers, except when you have a concealed wedge! It is perhaps the answer to many people’s desires; to have a pair of trainers that elongate the legs like a pair of heels and give you the same confidence boost. From the outside we have a pair of basic hi-top trainers, velcro fastenings and in a particular colour that will match any outfit of choice. I’m not entirely sure these would have the same effect if they were made of leather, there is something about the suede that gives off a more luxury feel to the shoes, makes them more feminine almost.

‘Parisian designer Isabel Marant’s super covetable ‘Bekett’ sneakers have gained cult status’ Net-A-Porter

Tabitha Smmons, Hai Suede Pump. £745

Tabitha Smmons, Hai Suede Pump. £745

To shoe us that suede comes in all different colours, we have another incredible offering from the talented Tabitha Simmons. I can see some similarities with her designs, particularly the pointed toe; there is something almost vintage about her designs that make them stand out. Here we have the simple yet classic pump with a medium heel, not too high yet not too low, a triple buckle fastening in a t-bar shape and Swarovski embellishment on the toe which makes this shoe right on trend. These shoes need to be worn with a simple outfit to make the delicate details of the shoe really stand out.

‘take you from boardroom to bar in style.’ Harrods

What’s your opinion of suede then? Do you think it’s only for a particular season or can it be worn all year round?

Money Makes The World Go Round

It occurs to me that every time I search for some new shoes or styles, I head straight to the high end shops that I can’t actually afford to shop in; this does make me a little sad. I’m staring for hours at the most incredible shoes that I have no chance in hell of actually being able to afford, but instead of this making me blue and down, it makes me want to stare at them for longer, it makes me want to go and spend hours walking around Harrods or Selfridges finally being able to see these beautiful things up close.

So, it made me think about how the high street stores are able to create shoes that are so similar to the high end luxury styles that it takes a close inspection to tell the difference. Perhaps this is wrong, but the first question that pops into my head is, how exactly do the shops get away with it? how are they not sued for some kind of copyright infringement or most basically stealing of designs and ideas? Surely it must be a little down heartening to be a luxury designer and find that your designs, the things that you have spend such a long time perfecting and meticulously putting together, have been copied by a high street store? But then on the flip side it means that an average joe like me kind afford something that resembles something of a luxury piece of clothing. I actually did this with the Michael Kors Hamilton bag; I spent weeks trying to convince my boyfriend to buy me the real thing, but obviously he had sense and said no. To no be defeated, I searched around the high street stores for a design that was basically the Hamilton, but ever so slightly different and a hell of a lot less expensive!

Our first point of call is to Givenchy; they have given us the most incredible slip on shoes with some stunning details but unless you give up food and having a social life, who can afford them?

Givenchy Slip On Bambi £455and Laura Chain Biker Boots £!,110

Givenchy Slip On Bambi £455 and Laura Chain Biker Boots £1,110

I need these Bambi shoes, like I can’t describe to you just how beautiful I think they are adorable! But there is no chance that I can spend that much on a pair of shoes; believe me, I wish I could. And the biker boots are so edgy they are fantastic! They are so simple in design, with the rounded toe and small heel that the large chain detail takes the main focus and turns them from a basic boot to outstanding.

And the High street version…..

H & M Sneakers. £19.99

H & M Sneakers. £19.99

It cant be just me that can see that the Givenchy shoes have been a massive influence in the design of these slip on shoes; the white barrier along the side, the black leather and bold chain detail. You’t got yourself a pair of shoes that look like a luxury product but are available on your high street at under £20.

The high heel section is given to us by the stunning Marni…

Marni Embellished Leather Sandals. £500

Marni Embellished Leather Sandals. £500

Although the summer is over, it doesn’t mean that the time for sandals is over. These heels are a stunning transition from summer shoes into autumn ones; black leather with the matching embellishment gives them an understated feel of luxury, the chunky heel is balanced with the slight platform and wide straps giving a beautiful look but also comfort (hello who doesn’t want to have comfortable heels?!) But then again we have the terrible thing of falling in love with a stunning pair of shoes and then we see the price tag and our hearts sink and we reach for the tub of ice cream.
Hold, off on the sugar over load; there is an alternative….

Topshop Legra Gem platform Sandals. £60

Topshop Legra Gem platform Sandals. £60

Yes that is right, you can buy something similar to the stunners from Marni with these little things from Topshop. There are so many similar parts to these shoes: the chunky heel, the platform, the jewel details and the chunky straps. Yes, you do have to compromise with the understated embellishment on the Topshop offering, is it not as understated as the luxe pair of shoes but because of the colour choice is it still fairly minimalist; how can you go wrong with red, black and white?!

And for those that are looking for a fabulous pair of flats

Tabith Simmons Alexa Leather Flats. £425

Tabitha Simmons Alexa Leather Flats. £425

I am fairly new to Tabitha Simmons, though I do believe that she is also new onto the fashion scene, from what I have seen so far, i’m loving everything that she is giving to the world. I’m not sure what word to give these other than chic, does that makes sense? These are something I imagine I’d wear in France, strolling through Paris stopping at little cafe’s and bakeries and then walking along the Seine. There is an almost androgynous element to these that almost begs to be worn with some sharp tailoring. And then once we have completely fallen in love with these shoes, we look at the price tag and realize that the only way we can afford these is to sell the entire contents of your wardrobe on ebay and then walk around naked, but have incredible shoes!

Miss Selfridge. Emile Flat Shoes. £22

Miss Selfridge. Emile Flat Shoes. £22

There is no combination that is more classic than black and white. For what ever reason this is a colour combination that works for any occasion and for someone that has any style. But when you can’t justify spending almost a months rent on a pair of shoes, let’s face it we all want to do it but know that we shouldn’t, you head to the high street and find these. Flat pumps, yes. Point toe, yes. Monochrome, yes. You don’t have the leather the whole way round, but the mesh sides here really add something different.

So, the final point has to be which one would you choose? Would you prefer to have the high end or high street? Tell me what you think. = )

These Boots Are Made For Walking

So, it has officially turned to winter and in all honesty I love it! There is something about the crunchy leaves, the chilly mornings and the early arrival of festivity!

Really, what is there not to love about being able to wear chunky knit jumpers, mixing up your daily wardrobe and layering different things and this season I am currently loving the blanket cape. But, back to the main thing, the shoes.

It can be absolutely awful piking out your outfit for the day when you have no idea if the way it starts is going to be the way the day ends, there are so many things to plan for and be prepared for; but then again, this is England, we should be pros at this now right?!

So, what is the answer? Knee high boots. You can still wear your light layers: leggings, tights or if you’re really brave go bare legs, but because of the long length you have an extra bit of warmth, for when the chilly weather becomes a little too chilly.

Gianvito Rossi, leather Knee boots. £1130

Gianvito Rossi, leather Knee boots. £1130

Oh hello there! There are outstanding, they are such a classic design that you can’t do anything but just admire the beauty and elegance. Black butter soft leather adding a classic elegance to your outfit; the pointed toes and stiletto heel can give a sharp edge to any look, Teamed with some black leggings, and a blazer, you’ve got a fantastic combination, don’t think, just buy!

KG Kurt Geiger. Warrior Knee High Boots. £230

KG Kurt Geiger. Warrior Knee High Boots. £230

And for those of you that are looking for something with a biker/ grunge feel to their new boots, we have been given the Warrior boot from one of my all time favourites, KG Kurt Geiger. The rounded toe and lower heel is perfect to be teamed with a par of jeans and check shirt, which is in my opinion a perfect look for autumn days. They are fantastic for those that want to stay on trend but still be able to feel their toes at the end of the days wearing these beauties; practical, pretty and right now perfect.

Last, but by no means least….

Alexander McQueen Cut Out Suede Knee Boots. £1350

Alexander McQueen Cut Out Suede Knee Boots. £1350

Alexander McQueen, Slouch Knee Boots. £905

  Alexander McQueen, Slouch Knee Boots. £905


I couldn’t decide which one of these that I liked the most, so I picked out both! I’ve recently discovered a new love for Alexander McQueen, especially with this collection combining the playful black bow details. These are perhaps not a style that you would wear all day, more something you’d pick out for a special occasion. I love how the suede gives an almost vamp style, they are very feminine but with an edge, if that makes sense. The boots on the left have so much detail in them, the cut out design is highlighted by the silver studs giving a luxe feel and then this is all brought together by the signature black ribbon.
Then we have the more understated boots on the right, simple yet understated. The heel is literally sky scraper heel and becomes a point of focus because of the simplicity of the design. But of course we have the beautiful bow detail at the top of the boot, this is something that can not be hidden by a long coat; you need to be pairing these with a blazer or cropped coat to show off the beautiful detail.

I need all of these in my life, every single pair, get in my life now.

Shoe Heaven

shoe heaven


It’s finally happened, I went to visit Harrods Shoe Heaven and oh my days literally Heaven!!! I love Harrods on the best of days, it’s such a magical place with so many different rooms to explore you can literally spend the whole day there and still not get bored. It makes me feel like a little kid going back there where everything is possible and there is nothing that is impossible!

So, the shoe department is on the 5th floor, as you go up the escalator there are all these little displays of shoes that entice you to go and visit, they’re little the little naughty voice in your head saying ‘go on, just go up one more level, you’re almost there, keep going.’
And then you reach the 5th floor and are greeted by the most exquisite sign that welcomes you with open arms to one of the best places ever.

I was able to see some of the most exquisite shoes I have ever seen; it’s so incredible to be able to see the shoes I’ve stared at for so many hours through a screen, but then to be literally feet away from them is seriously amazing! It makes you understand that pictures can never fully do justice to a pair of shoes; you have to go an see them, have to go and see the beautiful details and not to mention the feeling that washes over you when you’re surrounded by so many pairs of incredible shoes. I think i just experienced what it;s like to be star struck, but with shoes!

Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Olympia

I may have fan-girled just a little and taken some pictures of these stunning shoes; the intricate details, the incredible material and the sheer amount of talent that is need to produce something like this is seriously amazing, there’s no other word for it!

And then I was able to come up-close-and-personal with some Sophia Webster shoes!!

Sophia Webster

Sophia Webster

Now, the quality of the picture is not very good because i couldn’t stop shaking with excitement at being in Heaven!! There is something so magnificent about being able to see the true beauty of shoes; to be able to see each of the details involved and take in the collection as a whole.

If you haven’t been already, you need to go and visit this place, it seriously is Shoe Heaven!!

Feeling Lucky???

Well, do ya? Punk? Don’t you just love Clint Eastwood?

Anyways, down to the point; I was searching through the new up-and-coming designers that were involved n London Fashion Week and came across this absolutely incredible person

….drum roll….

Camilla Elphick!

Have you heard of her? Or seen any of her designs? They are seriously incredible!

Camilla Elphick

Camilla Elphick Designs

So, here we have some stunning shoes; red patent heel contrasted with the vintage look of the fanned out cards is just beautiful. There is something just so delicate and dainty about these, something that demands they be worn with a little tea dress and a set of pearly whilst enjoying afternoon tea. Not only do these shoes give you the ability to make people jealous from the front, but you give them the finger when you walk away and they see the details on the back!

Camilla Elphick Designs

Camilla Elphick Designs

Wish me luck!! Then again with a pair of heel like this, I’m not going to need luck. I love the fun element in these shoes; how you have the initially classic design of the court shoes but then you notice the green shamrock pattern and you can;t help but smile. Make you own luck with these beauties!!

And now for the ultimate in Fun and Fabulous…

Camilla Elphick Designs

Camilla Elphick Designs

Yeah that’s right, these are Bugs Bunny Pez dispenser shoes!! Have you ever seen anything like it? Seriously? These are so cool. You’ve got the best of both worlds; form the front you have a perfectly normal pair of heels in a cute shade of baby pink, but then the fun element is at the heel with Bugs just peeking out the back and the Pez dispenser chunky heel.

Go and check her out, she is seriously talented!


all images taken from Camilla Elphick Instagram.

Be Bold!

Be bold! A great piece of advice I was given yesterday by a complete stranger, one who turned out to be absolutely lovely might I add.

It’s always a great day when you can wake up feeling a little down about life, doubting the choices you have made and questioning whether you have it in you to achieve everything you want to. But then you end up stumbling across a new blog- http://preppyandfunny.wordpress.com/– which makes you see that you’re on the right path, you can achieve everything you want and there is no stopping you.

So, in my newly refreshed search for shoes, something that can keep up with my ‘Be Bold’ attitude, I came across these little beauties. yes, I love a classic stiletto heel, the razor sharpness and clean lines always puts me in a good mood, but I think having a heel with an element of fun is my new calling. So, who else could give us such a thing??? Miss Charlotte Olympia of course..

Charlotte Olympia, Cheeky Sandal £1,125

Charlotte Olympia, Cheeky Sandal £1,125

Now, once you’ve gotten over the initial shock of the price, yes they’re a little on the expensive side, you can begin so see the absolute beauty in these shoes! There are so many elements and details that i’m actually surprised the price isn’t a little more! You’ve got lace, patent leather (which is getting popular again) cut out detailing, gold embellishment and the the absolute cherry on top- the heel. A pair of stunning-envy-inducing pins; a gold band at the base of the heel gives the arch of the foot more detail and the larger band at the top of the heel makes it look like she’s a bit racy in a pair of stockings. Really, what’s not to like about these?!

While still on my hunt for crazy heeled shoes, I found this adorable Disney inspired pair…

REDValentino, Snow White Disney Pumps. £360

REDValentino, Snow White Disney Pumps. £360

Now, I can only apologize for the bad quality of this picture, but what you are seeing is a pair of court shoes with the heel being inspired by Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs- this is a gold Grumpy!! Not exactly a practical shoe, but definitely something to wear when you want to add a little fun element into your outfit. The neutral colour allows you to wear these with any combination outfit that you chose; dark/ light, anything and the gold heel add the touch of class and elegance they every pair of shoes should give you!


Upper Hand

The title really has nothing to do with what i’m writing about; truth be told, i’m not entirely sure what the design of these shoes are, other than pretty of course! All I can really describe is the sleek stiletto heel, the leather upper with strap details, perhaps this is the new twist on the classic t-bar??

While doing my usual round of what’s new on the shoe design front, I came across these beauties by Nicholas Kirkwood…

Ncholas kirkwood + Peter Pilotto Leatehr and Suede Pumps £790

Nicholas Kirkwood + Peter Pilotto Leather and Suede Pumps £790

Do you see what I mean? Not entirely sure how to describe these shoes, there is the leather upper that sits on the top of your foot and connected with straps of material… it’s odd. Don’t get me wrong, I think they’re fantastic, I just want a way to describe them!! These are almost armor like, with the snap fastening, perhaps making for a quick escape when you want to run to the dance floor and dance the night away?! And the colour, absolutely right on trend, looking through my instagram of the past few weeks of fashion (New York, London, Milan and now Paris) there did seem to be a rise in purple and rich red being used. Net-A-porter suggests they be teamed with a sleek black dress, I actually couldn’t agree more; I was hesitant at first thinking there would be too much of a clash between the classic black dress and the modern design of the shoes, but it actually works amazingly! The shoes stand out and become the focus of your attention because of the pops of colour.

Kurt Geiger, Miss KG, Honest £80

Kurt Geiger, Miss KG, Honest £80

And continuing with our pop of colour, we have the equally incredible Honest by Miss KG. I think it may be time to admit here that I have a serious obsessions when it comes to Kurt Geiger, then again, this isn’t anything new!
Again we have the modern take on the t-bar; the suede combined with the snake print is not a combination I would have thought would work together but they actually compliment each other amazingly! The pop of neon orange brings everything together in a way that I never would have imagined; it’s almost like every combination you thought wouldn’t fit together, KG has thought no chance, we’ll make it work!! They’re classy, elegant and even better they’re currently teamed up with Benefit to give you incredible eyes as well as incredible foot wear!

Rupert Sanderson, Wilson Feather Sandal, £675

Rupert Sanderson, Wilson Feather Sandal, £675

And last, but by no means least, we have this beautiful contribution by Rupert Sanderson. My knowledge of him is pretty basic, well that’s a lie, other than these shoes I can’t say I recognize the name what so ever, but if these are anything to go by I love him! There is something a little vampy about these sandals, the patent leather combined with the pyramid textured upper is amazing! The stiletto heel will make your legs look super long and super sexy, the feathers add a touch of boudoir elegance and the flash of gold inside the heel is truly elegant. Perhaps it’s just me, but i can see these fitting in well with a 1920s style; high class, alluring elegance and the vamp style that every woman has inside just waiting to be unleashed!


My mother always tried to put a bow in my hair to make me look dainty and feminine; I was a tomboy until I was 18, so needless to say it didn’t work! But my mum did have a point, bows really are a feminine touch; they’re dainty and remind you of just how beautiful and delicate you really can be.

I think after the almost masculine chunky platform shoes that have been about this summer, i’m sorry but i really don’t like them, big chunky sandals with jagged edges, they don’t say classy and elegant to me. I think there is almost now a complete reversal on this and footwear has taken on a much more feminine and delicate direction.

Kurt Geiger , Miss KG, Gabriella, £85

Kurt Geiger , Miss KG, Gabriella, £85

These are my absolute need-to-have-in-my-life-right-this-second shoes; they are absolutely stunning! From the this stiletto, 105mm, not too high, the sweeping back section and bow detail at the front combined with the red accents, truly incredible! Kurt Geiger has decided that ‘Red is the New Black’ and with these shoes, it’s very difficult to argue against it. The colours work perfectly together; you’ll get just a hint of the red around the peep toe section adding a bit of a modern twist to a classic shoe.

Paul Andrew Fume Bow Slippers, £425

Paul Andrew Fume Bow Slippers, £425

And continuing with our love of all fabulous flats, we have this crackin’ pair of velvet slippers from Paul Andrew. It’s not secret that I love a good pair of slippers (they remind me of the Queen) especially if they are velvet, there’s just something so regal and royal about the shape but with the added touch of the bow, the’re just outstanding! Teamed with sharp tailoring, and as the picture here suggests, roll up those trousers so you have have some exposed ankle, it’s kind of sexy, and also makes your shoes the centre of attention. There’s a gap between the hem of your trousers and your shoes so they don;t all blend into one and someone could miss the opportunity of giving you a compliment!!

Alexander McQueen, Velvet Bow Sandal, £660

Alexander McQueen, Velvet Bow Sandal, £660

And last, but certainly by no means least, we have this simple yet highly effective sandal from Alexander Mcqueen. A sky scraper stiletto heel, patent leather and velvet bow gives you almost a vamp style of shoe; there really isn’t much to this sandal, and ankle strap, bow and thin material over your toes but crickey are they stunning! It’s almost a clash between the harsh patent leather and the soft relaxed style of the bow. And what you can’t quite see here is the crystal element to the shoes; where the velvet tie attaches to the ankle strap we have a rather large circle detail of crystals, hello bling!!

Embrace your feminine side with a pair of bow-tastic shoes, you know you want to!